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Lines in grace
1 January 2012

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Festive Rangoli
30 October 2011

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The Sunday holiday
31 August 2011

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Shore stop
2 July 2011

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7 May 2011

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Rays of hope
7 April 2011

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Sun and Water
5 February 2011

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14 July 2010

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Leisure break
12 June 2010

Recent Comments

Dr Arun on Feather green
nice.. soothing fr eyes

Dr Arun on Sieve

Farzin on Lines in grace
I like it good job

uvaraj on Lines in grace
!!! *** Happy New Year :) *** !!!

Mandar on Lines in grace
Lovely frame...Wish U & U r Loved one The Wonderful Year....

joshi daniel on Lines in grace
calm and cool colors! happy new year :)

Shaahin Bahremand on Lines in grace
Happy new year

Megha on Sieve
Thank u all!!!

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Sieve
A very moody shot, well done!

joshi daniel on Sieve
the branches really make an art here!

Mandar on Sieve

Shaahin Bahremand on Sieve
perfect angle well done

Mariana M. on Sieve
love this image with great perspective

Megha on Feather green
Thanks Mariana, Joyful & vu@granby :)

vu@granby on Feather green
Very intense green!

Joyful on Feather green
Beautiful greenery.

Mariana M. on Feather green
geen .. green ... Love you Green ;)

Megha on Feather green
Thanks Shaahin, Joshi, Prashant & Chetan :)

Chetan on Feather green
Wish it could be that green here in Gurgaon :). Lovely capture.

PRASHANT on Feather green
Cool Green...

joshi daniel on Feather green
loved the greenery and it's so cool that you got the whole frame filled with it. so refreshing!

Shaahin Bahremand on Feather green
wow ! what a great place

Megha on Feather green
Thanka Mandar :)

Mandar on Feather green
Welcome back after lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng break...with Greeeeeeeeeeen Fields

Megha on Left on street
Thanks Marie

Megha on Happy Diwali!!
Thanks Marie

Marie on Left on street
superbe détail, belles couleurs.

Marie on Happy Diwali!!
belle atmosphère.

Megha on Festive Rangoli
Thanks Mandar, Shahriar & Mariana

Mariana M. on Festive Rangoli
great colors and focus

Shahriar on Festive Rangoli

Mandar on Festive Rangoli
Gr8 angle..... Missed My home at this Diwali.....but enjoyed through these photos.....

Megha on Festive Rangoli
Thanks Joshi

joshi daniel on Festive Rangoli
colorful and liked the light at the end!

Megha on Happy Diwali!!
Thanks Mandar! happy Diwali to you too

Mandar on Happy Diwali!!
Gr8 shot... Happy Diwali....

Megha on Left on street
Thanks Sof

Sof on Left on street
Nice shot, i like the close-up

Megha on Left on street
Thanks Nitin, Mariana, Joshi & Shahriar!!

Shahriar on Left on street
Great ... :)

joshi daniel on Left on street
nice close-up and cool details!

Mariana M. on Left on street
nice one ;)

Nitin on Left on street
Delightful simplicity in this picture. Delicate balance. Have a great week ahead! Cheers!

Megha on Left on street
Thanks Ben

Megha on Magic of soil
Thanks Joshi, Marie & Anne :)

Ben on Left on street
I love this colours et this focus !

Anne on Magic of soil
Beautiful focus on the little green leaves with good play of light and shadow..delightful lovely composition!

Marie on Magic of soil
jolie lumière et belles couleurs.

joshi daniel on Magic of soil
nice perspective and the colors have come so well!

Megha on Modak
It;s the sweet made of rice, jaggerry.. :) Thanks for visiting and commenting

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